Specialty workshops in English

specialty workshops in english

Specialty workshops and skills development for professionals

Certifying CPF Courses

Language credentials for the global workforce

 Obtain CPF financing

 Coursework and exam prep for certifying tests : BULATS, TOEIC…

 Demonstrate your professional skills in English (BULATS, TOEIC), French (DCL) or Spanish (DELE)

 Language proficiency certification in alignment with internationally recognized standards

 Assess, hire, promote employees

Legal English

Manage global legal clients

 Present your firm, advise clients, participate in conference calls and meetings

 Interpret and explain contract clauses, points of law under your national jurisdiction

 Improve ability to represent your firm or corporation internationally

 Enhance verbal fluency

 Hone drafting skills for memos, briefs, contracts …

English for Human Resources

HR skills in English

 Use HR/labor law terminology accurately

Increase verbal fluency for face-to-face business situations

Produce clear and persuasive memos, emails, letters and reports

Argue your point convincingly in meetings and negotiations

Improve cross-border communication with global clients and colleagues

Career Transitions

Find your dream job or change careers

Interview practice and feedback: be concise & persuasive

Increase verbal fluency for face-to-face interviews

Produce an accurate, stylistically correct CV and cover letter in English

 Highlight your achievements and added value

Negotiate the terms of your contract and compensation package

Personalize your course