Executive coaching in English

Executive Coaching in English 1900x960

Executive coaching programs to get your business done in English

English for Business

Get your business done in English

Enhance industry vocabulary and key technical terms

Meet the challenges you face in your day to day corporate world

 Identify coping strategies through role plays and real-life corporate scenarios

Learn the language that really works!

Negotiating in English

Negotiate successfully with customers and suppliers

Structure your approach to negotiations

 Learn and apply a win-win approach

Seek verbal cues, recognize hidden signals & read between the lines

 Make proposals and counter-proposals linked clearly to certain conditions

The language of negotiations: hands-on exercises and role plays

Managing International Teams

Build successful international teams

Develop techniques for communicating effectively with team members

Help team leaders and members understand the impact of culture and communication on team dynamics

Create customized Operating Principles for international teams

Manage relationships with remote team members

Making the Pitch

Pitching to VCs, institutional investors, roadshows

 Make convincing financial presentations using appropriate technical terminology

Define your unique selling proposition

Stay on message and deliver with persuasive impact

Handle question-and-answer sessions with confidence

Use visual aids to illustrate key data

Personalize your course