Corporate Communications in English

Corporate Communications in English 1900x960

Communications services to get your message across to a global audience

Facilitating Seminars

Facilitate seminars, conferences and workshops for global audiences:

Define clearly-stated objectives

Identify explicit/implicit goals

Map a clear outline and program to align key messages

 Translation, adaptation and speechwriting support

Coach keynote speakers, increase verbal fluency and confidence

Powerful Presentations

Customized coaching for executives presenting to international audiences

Get your message across

 Deliver keynotes and presentations with confidence

 Create compelling content

Stay on message and deliver with persuasive impact

Handle question-and-answer sessions

 Optimize the use of visual aids

Media Training

Prepare senior executives to meet the press

 Prepare senior leaders to deliver effective interviews

 Take the driver’s seat and get your message across

 Structure your speech and avoid double talk – or use it to your advantage

Crisis Communication – spin negative information and maintain control during crisis situations

Ensure corporate messages are culturally translated

Translating & Drafting

Translation, editing & drafting services

 Translate and adapt key messages to stakeholders and clients

Ensure corporate messages are culturally clear and accurately translated, using appropriate industry terminology

 Draft corporate documents : brochures, annual reports, press releases, speech writing…

 Services in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German

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